Edward Hopper - High Noon

Static - Unknown author

Cececilio Pla Gallardo - En la playa de Valencia

Tom Whitaker

Exotic ethnic beauty - Unknown photographer

Monkey with chicken - Anonymous

Hayley Eichenbaum - The Mother Road Series.

Victor Vasarely - unidentified photographer

Tom Wesselmann - Still Life #12, 1962

Grief woman look through window - Unknown photographer

Robert Doisneau - "pervert"

Edgar Degas - “La Famiglia Bellelli” 1858-1869

Philip Werner

Wilfredo Prieto - Vaso (El vaso de agua medio lleno)

Apollo by NASA

Anonymous and undated

Mask - Anonymous photographer

Chelsea Bentley James painting

“Partie” Series Gregory Chatonsky Photograph

Three Glass Eyes in their Storage Box. Blown glass prosthesis. Beginning of the 20th century.

Constantin Brancusi - Unknown photographer

Laura Makabresku

René Jacques (René GITON dit) (1908-2003) Envoûtement de Paris, 1927 à 1948 14 épreuves gélatino

Puppet - Anonymous and undated

Volkswagen Combi T1 - White - Light blue, 1960

Ai Weiwei - Icaro - Documental

Paula Braconnot - Collages and Engravings

Amy Judd


Optic - Unknown author

Model Gertrud Hegelund - Photographer Willy Vanderperre

Willem Roelofs - Haagse School liet Nederland van zijn landschap houden

Lee Friedlander, 1966.

Skull's Dulces - Unknown author

Conrad Schumann defects to West Berlin, 1961, by Peter Leibing

Untitled - anonyme

Stephan Tillmans - Light Point Systems (Photography)

Ferenc Berko

Wim Wenders - Until the End of the World

Happening - Yard-1967 in pasadena.