TheComposer Igor Stravinsky - Arnold Newman, 1946

playing cards...

Portrait of my dead brother - Salvador Dalí, 1963

Kati Horna

Beautiful American black car

The Rolling Stones by Helmut Newton

Stanley Kubrick - Student at Columbia University (1948).

Ralph Lichtensteiger

Rodrigo Machado Iturbe - Op

MaDoNnA Tour Cover

Eva Besnyö - Little Architect in Paris

Rob & Nick Carter - Spectrum Circles

@ tesseract - Gif animation

The Chest Key by 780kevin

Paula Patton

Édouard Manet - Two Pears, 1864

Frank Zappa

The Crane

New York, New York, par Liza Minnelli.

Roy Lichtenstein by Chuck Close

Unknown photographer

Untitled - anonyme

the dot is black by David Mrugala


Lucio Fontana

Ben Pier

Chantilly 2014

Landscape - anonyme

Yasuhiro Ishimoto

Ste Bertram Rose

Kate Gilmore - Wall Bearer, 2011

cube - Animated Gif

Copyright ( © ) 2011 Layla Fox Photography

Untitled - Anonyme

a fire in the mind by deearedubyad

Pierre Jahan - poupee, atelier herault, 1942-43

Dmitri Baltermants - ‘Rain’, 1960s

Trolleys in Car Park by William Eckersley

Irving Penn - Summer sleep, 1949

Denis Roche